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Of Note by Notable Public Figures and Others Who Came in Contact With Jack Zufelt and His Work

  • Jack Zufelt has developed and refined one of the most powerful ideas in human success and achievement.

  • Jack Zufelt successfully challenges the standard concepts about success. He proves we all have the DNA of success in our hearts and can pull it out to create any level of success we want.

  • It is very astute thinking that Zufelt puts forth.

  • With Jack's DNA of success you'll become vastly successful super fast!

  • Mr. Zufelt's formula gives you that intense drive to conquer obstacles and succeed despite any circumstances. His concepts are unbelievably powerful and they work!

  • Jack has provided a method for success that is powerful and gets results! Listen to him and follow his advice.

In all the years I have been in the MLM industry I have never had as much response about a speaker as I have had about you. Every MLM company and distributor in the world should hear your message. I am glad to award you the distinguished honor of “Trainer of the Year

Chair/CEO MLMIA, Top Speaker/Trainer/Coach, Management Consultant

I've been recommending your audio program to my team and to everyone else I know in Arbonne. One day I am sure that I'll get rid of all the other books and CDs I've invested in but leave YOURS in my library of resources.

Business Support Administrator at Central Ohio Urology Group

My life has really opened up since before I read your book. I haven’t yet said thank you yet…so THANK YOU! I will making numerous references to the exercises that you have designed as they are brilliant.

Executive Coach and Management Consultant at Benjamin Leppier Enterprises Limited.

I definitely enjoyed your book 100% - One of the best books I've read. Reading this book made me realize that I need to change and get out of my comfort zone. Your book is worth reading not just once, but several times.

Business Support Administrator at Central Ohio Urology Group

What can I say Jack Zufelt, I have the BEST MENTOR anyone could ask for!!! YOU!!!"

American actress, retired professional wrestler

I found Jack’s ability to help people to be amazingly effective! He gets to the heart of what it takes to succeed and helps people move forward quickly. Far more than just a great speaker, Jack delivers real and lasting results. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Award Winning Author, Speaker, Mentor, Social Entrepreneur and Director of International Leadership Development PL

He and his message are awesome! I had the pleasure of seeing Jack Zufelt speak live. Edge of your seat speaker. See him live if you can.

Brand Marketing | Customer Acquisition | SEO Marketing Consultant

I totally endorse Jack’s program. It was influential in my building a Global business in more than 50 countries doing well over 1 billion in sales. I have spent most of my adult life on a crusade with regards to my personal development. I came across his program, and despite not knowing who Jack was but my “gut” instinct was to go ahead and purchase his program. At that time I was just starting a new business venture and immediately started to study his program listening to the CDs every day in that year. It resonated with me in such a way that I to teach the concept to my global organization.

Brand Marketing | Customer Acquisition | SEO Marketing Consultant

Jack, I want you to know that your material helped me re-shape my life from a broken down old alcoholic to a brand new, revitalized and renewed man. Thank you.

Owner at Paul Barrs Publishing

There is always one person that stands out from the crowd. Jack Zufelt was that person for me. I saw the logic in his message. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I know that I had a major paradigm shift that has made a significant difference in my business and personal life. This is a very powerful audio program. It stands head and shoulders over all of the others that I have ever heard.

CEO of Georgia Manufacturing Alliance

Your presentation to the DSA Canada made it one of the best annual conferences ever! Your presence and message was definitely an asset.


You were fabulous! Our two national leaders conferences were a resounding success because of your message. Everyone was enthralled at the way you describe what it takes to be successful in life and MLM. It was new and different! I would recommend you to anyone.

Former Manager Nature’s Sunshine

I have had the privilege of knowing Jack Zufelt professionally and personally for 17 years. I have personally benefited from Jack’s products and have seen thousands of others do so both professionally and in their private lives. Jack has the unique ability to help you find the keys within your own heart - your own passion - that unlock your own "Conquering Force Within" that will enable you to push through or climb over any obstacle, or overcome any limitation that you or others have created in your mind. You owe it to yourself, your family, your company, and your community to get to know Jack Zufelt and his message.

Vice President - Latin American Region

Let me begin by saying that it was God who directed you to send me the email regarding the Conquering Force information. Your message has worked wonders for me. The greatest achievement of this day for me was that I am now classified as an 'A' Class snooker player among the Seniors. Thank you Jack. May God Bless you in all your work and may He give you more Power.

Independent Real Estate Professional, Actor, Stuntman, Singer

A master of his craft, Jack is passionate and knowledgable about creating an ecosystem for success. He is enthusiastic and genuine, listens carefully, and is thoughtful in conversation. Jack's recommendations for professional and personal growth are very valuable.

Founder, Zen Donkey Farms. Head of Global Partnerships, CX Adviser

Jack is a dynamic man who speaks the truth, sees your potential and helps you uncover your core desires. If you want more, in your life, Jack can help you.

Deputy Superintendent at The Montana Office of Public Instruction

These are just some of the words that describes Jack M Zufelt.

"Super Intelligent! Awesome! Wow! How does he know that?!, Fun Loving! .

Singapore's Prime Luxury Real Estate Wealth Strategist & Advisor

Jack is a close friend of almost 20 years. He has always been there whenever I've called upon him whether it was for personal guidance or for business. I've had the priviledge of working with Jack in the same company, and he has been a Key Note Speaker at a number of events hosted by companies with whom I have had involvement. Having him as a personal friend and mentor has literally changed my life, for the better.

Owner, J. W. Rock & Assoc. Management and Consulting Services

What can I say about Jack Zufelt other than.....WOW!

Jack knows success! He had a very successful career in the investment industry before being called to the speaking industry.

Author Proven Online Profit Process

Absolutely amazing. Take advantage of every opportunity to work with Jack. You will NOT be disappointed!

CEO at Brovado Media, INC

It has been my pleasure to know Jack and his work for many years. Not only is he a man of honor and integrity but is a master of his craft and who can get right at the heart of helping you achieve personal and business success.

Author, Consultant, Coach, Teacher, Owner at Roger K Allen

Jack and I have worked together several times over the past five years. At one point I was privileged to attend his "Zufelt Experience" three day event, where he takes participants through an intense transformational process focusing on one particular issue in their own lives.

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Founder at The Leader Revolution, Chief Training Officer Global Resilience Solutions

Jack is one of the most sincere people I have ever met. He truly and deeply cares about making a difference in the lives and businesses of those he works with. His integrity is impeccable and his business acumin is beyond question! I have taken "The Zufelt Experience" and it was instrumental ...

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Stress Management Expert, Spiritual Health ...

Jack is a fabulous speaker. He doesn't motivate but he gets people to MOVE, take action in their life to accomplish the things that their heart has desired. I have heard Jack speak to small groups of 40 to groups numbering in the 1000's. He can not only hold the interest of everyone in the room but everyone walks away believing they can achieve anything in life.

Professional Sales and Marketing Coach

Jack has high integrity, and I say that about only a few people, and Jack has earned it. He is an expert in several areas that I am aware of, and I highly recommend him.

Spiritual and Transformational Coach and Dynamism Practitioner

I hired Jack as my mentor to help boost my speaking business. As soon as I spoke with him, I had no doubts as to his integrity, his expertize, and his wonderful willingness to do what he could to propel me in my speaking career. I have learned so much from Jack, and my business in going from strength to strength. Thank you so much Jack!!

Creator of the 50:50 Fitness System especially for women over 50. Feel Fit & Fabulous in 50 Days!

Jack Zufelt, is a very knowledgeable, engaging and playful guest. It was a pure pleasure to have Jack on The Accidental Guru Radio Show. If you are looking for a guest who actually knows what an interview needs to be...Jack Zufelt is your guy.

IncMag Top100 leadership #Speaker, #1 Fortune500 PodcastHost Entrepreneur, Mag writer, Loyalty Authority, Dragonist

Jack is one of the finest men it has ever been my privilege to know. His heart is in everything he does and he lives with absolute integrity. He knows what he's talking about - trust him.

Training, Project Management

was introduced to Jack 6-7 years ago while seeking content to license for my content company Inspired Life. We spoke by phone regularly and I found his message to be important and yet misunderstood.

Home Improvement Services Online Visibility Expert

Jack has been the most influential person to me in my life. He led me to a life changing situation. Without having met, Jack I would not have the joy in my life. I met Jack when I was 54 and I am now 71 and since that meeting I have never had more joy in my life.

Teacher as a Manager

Jack is truly THE Mentors' Mentor! No hype, simply put... you will never have a better opportunity to work with someone that understands, lives and teaches success principles. His results have been and continue to be the very best available anywhere.

Home Improvement Services Online Visibility Expert

Jack brings true business practices that will fundamentally help poeple to be successful in their endeavor if they apply his teachings. To be successful in any business means "work" and jack does not shy away from that fact. Instead he helps people to recognize it.

President at World Marketing Group, President International Success Group

I don't even know where to start in my praise of Jack Zufelt.I met Jack at an event where we were both speaking and was immediately attracted to his presence. Jack personifies wisdom, kindness, success and charisma. One is simply drawn to him.

Speaker, listed as Forbes Top 20 Most Influential people

Jack is a man of his word. What he promises he fulfils, and this dispite his large involvement base. This is a capacity I haven't experienced in many. It is a delight to work with him. There is a clarity about his communication that is refreshing. He is very clear about his intentions and expects the same from others. Integrity seems to ooze from every cell of his body.

Manager at glassfence.com MERGELOCK Systems

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